Sarah Whitfield's Letter

To My Beautiful Son ,

I've tried my darling. Organic compostable alternatives to plastic are available and can be used. The governments of the world know this, but unfortunately money and greed are more important to them. I have written letters, and signed petitions but without bold, brave decisions from the leaders of our world, change cannot be implemented. There are unlimited sources of energy from the wind, sun and water but there is also less profit in this than in raping our planet of the fossil fuels that cause the dangerous, fatal warming of our planet. I'm sorry, my beautiful child, that I do not have the power to ensure your future, and the future of your children is safe from the horrors caused by the greed of human need for money and power. I'm sorry that you may never see many beautiful species of plants and animals, because it was too late for governments to act. I hope and pray that this is not the way it has to be, that the people in power see sense before it's too late. I hope you can enjoy the beauty of this planet, without fear, without danger, without despair. But for now, we move forward with love, with hope, but also with anger and frustration because there is a clear way out of this. Let's pray that the leaders take the bold steps we all need to ensure our beautiful planet and all that live on it have a future. But for now my love, I will do all I can to keep you safe and happy. Your Mum x

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