Jane Kirby's Letter

To my children,

Andrew Emma Beth
I am writing to you from the future where our government took the decision just as the window was closing to commit to a zero carbon economy.
They invested in renewables, they invested in public transport, in communities taking charge of their own energy, and sustainable food production. Health improved due to reduced pollution, and a more equitable society has emerged.
Our government was the catalyst that enabled the world to join to make the earth a zero carbon community.
We also gave reparation and helped mitigate the impact of climate change that was already irreversible in the global South.
I had been so fearful that our government wouldn’t take these steps especially after the pandemic and economic problems and not taking the climate crisis seriously, but COP 27 remarkably, made our government take all the right decisions.
Our Prime minister at the eleventh hour chose to go and had a complete conversion.
We knew we were definitely heading for a temperature increase of 2.5 degrees increase which would mean famines, wars, social destruction, pandemic following pandemic. Millions of people dying horribly and species after species becoming extinct.
We had seen beginnings of this with the floods in Pakistan, fires in Australia, droughts throughout the world, famines in Africa, Yemen, Afghanistan exacerbated by the war in Ukraine.
The writing was undeniably clear and at the last moment we took the right and only decision.
The global community worked together in unity and where there was dissent the people rose up and took control.
While things are different and we have lost much of what we had and many of the things I remembered as a child, we do now have hope and the Earth is beginning to repair and there is now a future for you and your unborn children.
Lots of love mum.
Rebel for Life

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