Millie's Letter

To my late-mother, Alison and our late-dog, Chestnut,

I hope you're enjoying walking over the hills together, sitting in the forest and moon-bathing under the stars.

Our government acted. The people stepped up and we inspired monumental change. Legislations now truly protect our oceans and our lands, rewilding schemes have flourished successfully, Indigenous tribes have been given compensation and are healing our world through their traditional knowledge. Fast-fashion and consumerist culture died many years ago. Our society no longer labours on in depression, violence and anger. We have shed the shackles of fossil fuels and the 'economy'. Together we dance in our barefeet, laughter ringing loud as we join in love. There is no more division, no mine or yours, simply gratitude for our beautiful earth and the friends who walk us home.

I know you've gone to a better place - to sit in council with our elders and learn the ways of the forest.
Thank you for all you have taught me and all you have given this world. I want you to know that i didn't give up, that we made it better and in turn we learnt how to love.
We couldn't have done it without you.

I miss you Ches.
I miss you mum.

But i listen to the bird songs, the beavers and the rustle of trees and i know it will be okay.

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