Are you planning a letter-writing event? Or simply looking for more guidance on what to write in your Letter to Tomorrow?

Explore our Letters to Tomorrow resources on this page.

What are Letters to Tomorrow?

Letters to Tomorrow explain your hopes for future generations if our leaders step up to protect the environment – and your fears about what life could be like if we don’t slow down climate change.

Your letter could be to a friend, a loved one, or even your future self.

Resources to help with letter writing

Letters guide for organisers

Our guide for organisers has everything you need to help you plan a letter-writing event in your community, as part of Great Big Green Week.

Guide for organisers

How to write a letter

Writing a letter is easy and doesn’t have to take up lots of your time. Learn more about how to write a Letter to Tomorrow and get inspired in our helpful guide.

Letters to Tomorrow guide

How to send your letter to your MP

Have you written a letter by hand, and want to send it to your MP? Or are you looking for more guidance on engaging with your MP through Letters to Tomorrow?

Visit Hope for the Future’s dedicated guidance on how to share your letter with your MP.